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Webinar: AI for ESG Data in the Asset Management Industry

Dr Martin Goodson
December 13, 2021

Our recent webinar features SOF, Authentic Evidence and Evolution AI discussing key trends in ESG reporting. We focus on the application of AI to gain a competitive advantage in data collection.

Since the introduction of the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) by the EU, investment firms have placed increased attention on granular ESG reporting. Now, many are investigating methods for attaining an information advantage. During the webinar, we want to explore how AI can empower asset managers, private equity and fund administrators to optimise ESG data operations.


Eleonora Ferrero, Assistant Professor of Digital Transformation and Innovation at Hult International Business School and Director of Operations at Evolution AI.

Guest Speakers

Jegor Tokarevich, CEO of SOF - a risk and reporting service provider focused on risk management and reporting incl. ESG for alternative investments and regulated institutional investors.

Brian Greig, Managing Director of Authentic Evidence - Brian leads the design and development of data and technology solutions for clients that want bespoke analytical software solutions to collect, store, analyse, and communicate ESG data to their major stakeholders.

Gabriel Levie, Co-founder & Sales Lead at Wequity, an ESG Startup - Gabriel helped start Positive Investment Oxford, a chapter of a UK-wide organisation that advocates for sustainable investments at major British universities.

Martin Goodson, CEO of Evolution AI - Martin is also the former Chair of the Royal Statistical Society Data Science Section and runs the largest machine learning community in Europe: London Machine Learning Meetup.


- 3:03 - The Demand for Reliable ESG Data for Investment Due Diligence: there is more data in regulatory documents than investors are aware of - Brian Greig.

- 26:32 - Fireside chat with Jegor Tokarevich, Brian Greig, and Gabriel Levie. A discussion focusing on key trends in ESG Data requirements focusing on applications of AI to facilitate data collection.

- 47:02 - Practical AI Demonstration, Martin Goodson.

- 52:18 - Q&A and closing.


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