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Webinar - Leveraging AI for Commercial Finance: Expert Insights and Best Practices

Evolution AI
June 26, 2023

Our latest webinar explored how AI-powered automation can enhance customer experience and competition in commercial finance. With rapid developments in AI technology, what's the best way to deploy advanced technology? And how can the change process be managed?

Our panellists discussed the myths, challenges and benefits of AI technology in commercial finance. Finally, the webinar ended with a Q&A and a demonstration of how powerful AI processes financial documents.


Adam Crockford, Senior Change Manager of Automation, Novuna

Jessica O'Hare, Head of Product, YouLend

Rachel Taylor, Head of Continuous Change & Improvement, DF Capital

Host: Lee Cunningham, Founder of Cloudorizon

Opening talk by Dr. Martin Goodson, CEO of Evolution AI


00:00 - Introduction: Dr. Martin Goodson - New developments in AI and their applications to commercial finance

06:47 - Expert panel discussion: AI innovation challenges and opportunities in commercial finance

37:14 - AI demonstration: Rafal Kwasny (CTO of Evolution AI) showcases AI predictions using zero-shot learning algorithm

40:40 - Q&A and Closing

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