The Challenge

M&A specialists are under pressure to determine the intrinsic value of target companies - a process centred around financial statements. Financial statements (alongside annual and quarterly reports) reveal the target company’s liquidity, profitability, debt levels and previous financial performance.

Data entry is the initial and most cumbersome stage of assessment. Using analysts to complete data entry and simple calculations wastes resources that could be better spent on high-value activities, such as strategic analysis, market research, and client engagement. Therefore, manual data entry is a barrier for M&A departments looking to expand their portfolio or market reach.

The Solution

Evolution AI has worked closely with financial specialists to develop a tailored solution. By leveraging our award-winning AI tool, M&A specialists can access high-quality data quickly, expediting the dialogue between seller and buyer, and lenders and investors. Say goodbye to costly errors - and hello to quick and easy data capture.

Not only does Financial Statements AI extract data; it leverages it to calculate key insights like EBITDA, EBIT, OPEX and levels of debt. In subsequent versions of Evolution AI’s financial statement extraction solution, M&A analysts will have access to leverage ratios, profitability ratios, efficiency ratios and cash flow metrics. Our solution is designed to put structured, relevant data at your fingertips, making manual financial statement analysis and extraction obsolete.

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