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Our story

Our CEO, Martin Goodson was inspired to create Evolution AI after struggling with traditional OCR technology in a previous job.

In 2011, he was one of a tiny handful of attendees in a conference workshop on a little known AI technology called ‘Deep Learning’. He realised then that deep learning could address the limitations of OCR and has been working on a new approach to this old problem ever since. 

After Martin joined forces with our CTO Rafal Kwasny, one of the most respected big data experts in the UK, Evolution AI was born. Together with a stellar team of machine learning researchers and engineers, they have developed some of the most innovative products in our category.

We are funded by one of the largest AI R&D grants ever awarded by the UK government along with investment from venture capital firm First Minute Capital.

Our government funding allowed us to form a research consortium including the University of Southampton and corporate partners, such as Dun & Bradstreet;  and was supported by the Office of National Statistics.

Evolution AI sits at the heart of the AI community in London. Sharing our expertise and inspiring the adoption of AI are integral to our values. Currently, we lead the largest community of AI practitioners in Europe, the London Machine Learning Meetup, which boasts 11,000 members.

Our CEO chairs the Data Section of the Royal Statistical Society: the membership organisation representing data scientists in the UK. One of Evolution AI’s core values is to support the growth of the field of data science into a mature industrial discipline.

Meet The Founders

Dr Martin Goodson

Chief Scientist & CEO

Martin is the Chair of the Royal Statistical Society Data Science Section, the UK's professional body for data science and AI. He is also a former Oxford University scientific researcher and has experience in senior AI leadership at numerous organisations.

Rafal Kwasny

Chief Technical Officer

Rafal is the CTO of Evolution AI and has over 15 years of experience in enterprise IT. He has developed big data and AI systems at institutions such as Credit Suisse, Coutts and Deutsche Bank.

The Evolution AI Team

Alex Rusev

Head of Data Quality

International Business Relations BA, University of Economics, Varna

Alex Stoyanov

Head of Operations

Logistics BA, University of Economics, Varna

Ben Palmer

Head of Commercial Operations

Philosophy, Politics and Economics BA, University of Exeter

Daniel Friar

Machine Learning Engineer

Computational Statistics and Machine Learning MSc, UCL

Dr Giuseppe Papallo

Research Engineer

Theoretical and Mathematical Physics PhD, University of Cambridge

Dr Martin Goodson

Chief Scientist & CEO

Statistical Genetic Researcher, University of Oxford

Kartika Tulusan

Director of Product

New Media, Information and Society MSc, LSE

Orit Meidan

Head of Business Development

MBA, Columbia University

Rafal Kwasny

Chief Technical Officer

Computer Science MSc, Warsaw University of Technology

Rose Azad Khan

Software Engineer

Cognitive Science MSc, University of Edinburgh

Ryan Procter

Head of Marketing

Sociology and Social Policy BA, University of Sheffield

Stefan Sekov


International Business BSc, University of Economics Varna

Stefan Stoychev


Business Management BSc, Cardiff University

Our Research Collaborators

Dr Mike Swarbrick Jones

Orestis Bastas

Paul Melkert

Sibi Chandar

Dr Jonathon Hare

Dr Enrique Marquez

Angela Pang