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Intelligent data extraction from financial documents

Evolution AI: The new standard for automatic data extraction

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we process 1.5 million documents every day for our clients

Customers use our products to extract data from financial statements, invoices, quarterly reports, government filings and other documents. Below are some of our partners and clients.

Artificial intelligence that reads like a human

Fast setup

We provide a sample of extracted data so you can quickly make an informed decision. Get your project off the ground in less than 24 hours.

Save 50-75% of the cost of manual data extraction.

Costly human intervention is kept to a minimum.

Accurate data extraction

Our AI algorithms extract data from documents with 100% data accuracy guaranteed. Any errors are corrected and validated by our expert team of data engineers.

Artificial intelligence, with human validation

Our clients value the accuracy provided by human oversight combined with the cost-effectiveness of artificial intelligence.

How do we achieve human-like accuracy with AI?

Evolution AI leads a research consortium funded by the UK government—including university, government and corporate members—which has allowed us to develop several break-through algorithms. We have trained our models on one of the largest data sets of labelled documents ever assembled, containing over 25 million documents.

As accurate as human data extraction

Learn how Swiss Asset Manager, Unigestion, saved 75% of the costs of data extraction from quarterly reports.

Read the case study

Get the details on how we extract accurate data from supplier invoices for NatWest, reducing extraction time from 48 hours to just a few seconds.

Read the case study
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Evolution AI allows data extraction from complex documents without any coding.

Using our simple point and click interface you can quickly identify any data point you wish to extract from a document.

Accuracy continuously improves even after deployment. Human operators can correct any errors and the system won't make the same mistake twice.

We don't just provide an API but also comprehensive annotation and QA interfaces along with monitoring dashboards. You can choose how much human oversight each document receives and ensure data quality is maintained.

What our users say

We're proud of the testimonials we've received from our customers

Evolution AI really ‘get’ working in the banking environment. This is a long-term Relationship for us.
Mark St John Qualter
Head of AI, RBS
Evolution AI has had a fantastic reception from senior management. They're seeing significant improvements to our data, which are globally scaleable and at a very reasonable cost
Andy Crisp
Data Engineering Leader, Dun & Bradstreet
Evolution AI has transformed our Private Equity data process.

Unigestion is constantly looking for new technological and innovative firms. As part of this development, we have appointed Evolution AI and we were immediately impressed by the results. By implementing their technology we have simplified our workflow and increased productivity.
Cédric Le Moan
Chief Operating Officer, Unigestion