Commercial Finance

The Challenge

Business finance providers are under increasing pressure to make swift decisions on extending credit. Financial statements (and quarterly and annual reports) are crucial in validating a company’s ability to repay a loan and adherence to financial standards and regulations.

Locating key metrics such as working capital and net revenue in lengthy annual reports is tedious. There are far better uses of time for highly qualified employees - as one of our clients noted, “I'd rather people were focusing on ‘does this deal feel right’ rather than keying in information”.

Furthermore, due to the structural complexity of financial statements, inferior data extraction tools generally hinder more than help.

The Solution

We’ve worked closely with our clients in commercial finance to implement scalable solutions that enable them to meet their growth goals. Our best-in-class extraction tool delivers flexible, user-friendly extraction from financial statements. Not only does Financial Statements AI extract; it also leverages extracted data to compute key metrics like EBITDA, EBIT and Gross Profit. In subsequent versions of Financial Statements AI, commercial financiers will have access to Debt-to-Equity Ratio, Cash Flow Analysis, Profitability Metrics and other Financial Ratios.

Our algorithms integrate seamlessly into your company’s IT architecture via REST API. Throughout implementation and usage, your team will also have access to unlimited support from our acclaimed customer service team.

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