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How does Evolution AI work?

Evolution AI uses computer vision and natural language processing (NLP) to extract data from PDFs and scans. Our platform is pre-trained on more than 25 million documents and can learn to read new documents without substantial additional training. Artificial intelligence means our products are self-learning; no explicit configuration is required to learn how to extract information from a new document. Just point and click—our products learn by themselves!

Evolution Transcribe

Data extraction from PDFs or scans.

Unlike traditional OCR, our intelligent data extraction engine does not need any templates or rules. Evolution Transcribe can find information by itself, because it inherently understands the way documents are put together.

Evolution NLP

Data extraction from electronic text.

Evolution NLP handles "electronic" text, like that found in websites or emails. You can use it to go one step further in your data-entry task. For example, to classify invoice line-items after extracting them with Evolution Transcribe.

Meet our Products

Evolution AI offer a complete suite of tools for any data extraction task. Choose our Catalyze service if you're looking for a quick way to extract clean, perfectly structured data from thousands or even millions of documents.

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Why Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence means our products are self-learning. No explicit configuration is required to learn how to extract information from a new document. Just point and click—our products learn by themselves.

Active Learning.

Very little training data is needed to achieve production-level accuracy. Active learning algorithms focus on the data that is most valuable, so AI training can be completed in a day or two.

Transfer Learning.

Our neural-networks have a head-start when learning a new document. Our AI scientists have already pre-trained our models on 25 million documents from our proprietary document store.


You’re in safe hands

Data integrity without compromises

Custom robustness checks and anomaly detection make sure your data quality is always maintained.

UK Government Backed

Evolution AI was funded by one of the largest AI R&D grants ever awarded by Innovate UK, the UK funding body for innovation.

Detailed control and governance

A full audit trail is stored so the provenance of each data point can be tracked throughout its life cycle.

Comprehensive monitoring suite

Catch any data quality problems before they cause downstream issues.

Asked Questions

Do you have ISO 27001 certification?

ISO/IEC 27001 is the international standard on how to manage information security. Evolution AI is certified ISO 27001 compliant, ensuring all information assets are held securely.

Can your software read handwriting?

Yes, our technology can read and understand handwriting. Depending on the legibility of the handwriting, lower accuracy should be expected compared to printed text.

Can your software extract content from complex tables?

Our AI-powered interface makes it easy to extract data from complex tables.

Can your software handle forms with checkboxes?

We offer fully featured data extraction tools, including checkboxes.