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The machine learning community is moving to Mastodon

Dr Martin Goodson
November 22, 2022

The Machine Learning Community on Mastodon

As one of the organisers of the London Machine Learning Meetup, I have to keep a close eye on what's new in the world of AI. I follow a list of over 150 machine learning focussed accounts on Twitter, which keeps me pretty up-to-date. I've noticed that many of these accounts are now moving to Mastodon and I thought it might be useful to publish this list of Mastodon handles. It should make it easy for anyone to move to Mastodon and have a ready-made list of ML accounts to follow.  

Here is the file. I'll keep updating it as more accounts add their Mastodon handles (I used fedifinder to get the Mastodon handles).

You can use it by exporting the first worksheet, 'Upload to Mastodon', as a csv file and then uploading into mastodon by going to "edit profile>import and export>Import"

The list represents a good cross-section of machine learning twitter with a mix of PhD students, Professors and industry researchers. It's a bit biased towards the applied side of ML. Also, I deliberately haven't included any data science 'influencers' or suchlike. Please let me know if you'd like your account to be added to the list (

Hope it's useful!

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