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Case study
Enterprise RPA

Enterprise RPA & Evolution AI’s Partnership delivers industry-leading automation

About the project


2020 -


Self Service


Deployment of an acclaimed & user-friendly data extraction tool

Increased customer growth & satisfaction

The Client

An early leader in digital automation, Enterprise RPA delivers RPA, AI and digital assistant solutions to clients in a range of sectors. Establishing robust client relationships, as well as high-functioning automation, is central to the firm’s values.

The Challenge

In 2020,  Enterprise RPA was working with UiPath for a major client project that pushed the limits of UiPath’s Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capabilities. The project involved building a tech stack to read and extract the key data points from remittances. The automation used the extracted data to process payments and match payments with transaction details.

UiPath & Enterprise RPA decided to outsource data extraction to a specialist vendor. As a client solution, the data extraction technology needed to operate quickly and offer a usable interface for clients.

The Solution

Evolution AI, as an existing technology partner of UiPath, caught Enterprise RPA’s attention. At this point, Evolution AI already had a strong track record for delivering robust & tailored solutions, having already been the core technology in projects for NatWest and the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Following a successful Proof of Concept (PoC), Evolution AI & Enterprise RPA established a partnership quickly. Evolution AI’s technology formed an integral part of the solution for two of Enterprise RPA’s large-scale projects: processing remittances for electrical distributor Rexel and categorising emails for housing provider Optivo (now Southern Housing).

Enterprise RPA trained Evolution AI’s AI models to process invoices, emails and remittances. Ever since, Enterprise RPA has chosen to remain with Evolution AI, especially praising the useability of the tool’s interface.

“The interface is so straightforward and easy to understand. It's easy for our customers to understand it as well.” (Steve Bolton, Co-Director of Enterprise RPA)

However, the success of Enterprise RPA & Evolution AI’s partnership is not purely attributable to the technology. At the heart of the relationship, as Paul Agnew, co-director of Enterprise RPA, noted, “If you’re purely looking at the technology, it’s difficult to make a decision - each product has its advantages”, before adding, “But this technology works for us…we trust it. We trust the Evolution AI team.”

“Our main points of contact from Evolution AI are helpful, responsive and open.” (Steve Bolton, Co-Director of Enterprise RPA)

Enterprise RPA & Evolution AI’s strong working relationship has helped Enterprise RPA establish credibility with clients and communicate expectations. Since 2020, Enterprise RPA has continued to expand its client base, providing automation solutions for notable customers such as Hellman’s Worldwide Logistics, Southern Housing and Aspire Housing.

Enterprise RPA and Evolution AI will continue to develop innovative solutions for businesses looking to automate time-consuming processes. Enterprise RPA will also try Evolution AI’s new solution for passport and driver's licence extraction.

The strength of Enterprise RPA and Evolution AI’s relationship stems from mutual trust. As Steve Bolton stated: “We know you'll do a great job in any space where we need a solution.”

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